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Howto setup GIT server

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After several testing, following method fits my own need:

easy use and support ssh upload and download

1. Remote git server side
    mkdir abc.git
    GIT_DIR=/path/to/abc.git git-init-db
    git-receive-pack /path/to/abc.git
2. Local git side
    mkdir abcdef
    cd abcdef
    git-add file1
    git-commit file1
    git-push username@abcgitserver:/path/to/abc.git/ master
    check the useful:
    mkdir ddde
    cd ddde
    git-clone username@abcgitserver:/path/to/abc/git

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Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So

Posted on October 12, 2008. Filed under: Linux, Programming |

 From git’s manual:

Git is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with an unusually rich command set that provides both high-level operations and full access to internals.

Formatted and hyperlinked version of the latest git documentation can be viewed at

See gittutorial(7) to get started, then see Everyday Git for a useful minimum set of commands, and “man git-commandname” for documentation of each command. CVS users may also want to read gitcvs-migration(7). See the Git User’s Manual for a more in-depth introduction.

The COMMAND is either a name of a Git command (see below) or an alias as defined in the configuration file (see git-config(1)).

Git is fast indeed.

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