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Memory Leak Detection in C++

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Memory Leak Detection in C++ under linux
dmalloc, ccmalloc, NJAMD, YAMD, Valgrind, mpatrol, Insure ++

C/C++ Memory Corruption And Memory Leaks
This tutorial will discuss examples of memory leaks and code constructs which lead to memory corruption

Memory Leak Detection and Isolation in Windows

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Java memory leaks

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Garbage collection in the Java™ programming language simplifies memory management and eliminates typical memory problems. However, contrary to popular belief, garbage collection can not take care of all memory problems. One such problem is of Java memory leaks, which are harder to detect because they usually result from design and implementation errors (for example, a reference to an object kept beyond its useful life). This article demystifies Java memory leaks, provides an overview of the Java leak detection technology in IBM® Rational® Application Developer (IRAD), and shares the IBM JVM L3 support group’s experiences using the technology. It proposes exploiting this technology in the Development and Testing phases, and suggests how to design test cases for detecting Java memory leaks.

Java memory leaks — Catch me if you can
Detecting Java leaks using IBM Rational Application Developer 6.0

Finding Memory Leaks in Java Apps
Here is a small HOWTO on how to find memory leaks with Java SE.
I’ve written it while trying to find memory leaks in our testing tools: JTHarness and ME Framework, and then wanted to share the HOWTO with the world, but I didn’t have my blog at that time, so I posted this info as a comment to a relevant entry in the excellent Adam Bien’s blog.

Handling memory leaks in Java programs
Find out when memory leaks are a concern and how to prevent them

How to Fix Memory Leaks in Java

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