Howto Install iPhone SDK 2.2.1 on PPC Mac

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NOTE: This method is faster and will not require a lot of work! Just follow the instructions and you won’t need to Google yourself  like with the other How Tos.

Are you like me with an old PPC Mac and you want to have fun with the iPhone SDK on it but you just can’t install it? Here’s how to do it:

First, download the OFFICIAL iPhone SDK from Apple’s website. It’s free, and it will just require you to register/login, every thing is free except if you want to become an iPhone developer, then it’s different. If you don’t want to register, you can try to use some logins from this site.

Figure 1


After downloading, open the mountable disk image (DMG) and copy the files (except the About file) into a new folder on your desktop, let’s call it “iPhone SDK PPC”. When the copy is done, right click on the “iPhone SDK” package (.mpkg) and choose “Show Package Contents”.

Figure 2


Then, go in the “Contents” folder, and right click the “iPhoneSDK.dist” file and open it with TextEdit located in your Applications folder or with your favorite text editor.

Figure 3


Search for the “agreedToSLA” function (function agreedToSLA()) at the end of that function, it should normally be written “return false;”, change that to “return true;”.

Figure 4


And finally, look for the “isIntel” function (function isIntel()), the first line should be like this:

“var res = (system.sysctl(’hw.byteorder’) == ‘1234′);”

Change the numeral part to “4321” so it finally look like:

“var res = (system.sysctl(’hw.byteorder’) == ‘4321′);”

Figure 5


Save and quit, load the installer and it should be installing the iPhone SDK now. Once the installation is done, you’ll probably want to compile apps. To do that, go to:


Figure 6


Locate and make a backup of the “iPhone Simulator Architectures.xcspec” file (you can simply copy and paste it in the same directory). After backing up replace your old file by this file.

Open up Xcode and you should be ready to go!

NOTE: and the author of this guide is NOT responsible for any problems caused by following the given steps. They are given as “help” and are NOT guaranteed to work. If you don’t want to follow the steps, or scared to break your computer,  get an Intel Mac.




3.iPhone SDK 2.2.1 (9m2621a)

4.iPhone SDK 2.2 (9m2621)

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